Walk A Mile With Myles….

A Few, Many, Never All!

Thanks and glory to God for the loyal and faithful Few, who are there as friends, resource providers, and encouragers in the best/worst of times. I give thanks to God daily for those “Few” priceless people in my past who said to me son, young man, or James: you can make it, in spite of, you have my support. Even when I had misbehaved; their love and loyalty did not change. They reminded me how “God forgives and so must we. Get up, shake off the dust and move ahead”. I did and God saved/delivered me. There is a friend out there who will stick closer than a brother.

“Many” are not interested in my/your success. Many will rejoice in the midst of my/your hard times and failures. Many are devil inspired prophets of dome just like that! Who will place stumbling blocks in our way to cause us to fall? Never be discouraged by “Many!” If God is for us, who or what I ask: can stop us (Rom. 8:31)?

“All” will never approve my or your sense of discipline or direction…no matter What, When, Where, Who, or Why! The Christian way of life is about pleasing God, not (All) man! There are but Two ways out of this life Jesus said: The Broadway,..”Many” are going that way; and the Straight and Narrow Way, and a “Few” that will find it (Mat 7:13-14). So, be encouraged to get into the way of Jesus and stay until the end (John 14:1-6; Rev 2:10). That will be enough! “Let’s Do It!” Djet

Humbly submitted by:
Bro Matthew Myles, Sr, Senior Minister