Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., A Great Servant

I want to take this time to join in with the millions around our vast country who pause to pay homage, tribute and respect to a GREAT, but yet humble man Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m not going to enter the theological argument that is being debated among many in the religious world concerning the question of whether or not Dr. King was a Christian, because the Bible is clear on what makes any man, woman, boy and girl a Christian!

I also will not step into the arena of mental spiritual gymnastics to argue whether or not he was sent by God!

What I do want to oppress upon all who shall read this humble writing is that what Dr. King did do was show all of the world, including both spiritual and secular, that if one will be great he/she must humble themselves and become a servant!

It is no argument that Dr. King was a spiritual man who believed in the word of God! He had to have read the words of Jesus himself (Matthew 23:11) “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.”

It is my plea to the CP Family that if we want to truly be seen in the eyesight of God as great, let us learn and strive to humble ourselves and become true dedicated servants in the kingdom and more specifically, the Central Pointe local ministry serving both God and our fellow man!

By His Majesty’s Power
Evangelist Matthew Myles Sr.
Minister and humble servant