Breaking The Chains Of Our Past
(A message from Bro Myles to the Central Pointe Family)

Good morning to my CP Family, it is with great anticipation I’m looking forward to the many great things that God has in store for our union and ministry together with the faithful man of God Evangelist Larry E. Johnson, the faithful ministry leaders, as well as, the entire CP family!

I ask the Lord to guide me as I began to lead this great family and to give me the word of faith and promise to you to start this new year!

For many of us 2017 was a year with many great challenges! Some of us not only lost loved ones, jobs, and properties but for many there are chains of sin, adversity and heartbreak that have weighed you down not only throughout 2017 but from years past and I have come in the mighty name of our Heavenly Father, maker of both Heaven, Earth, and all mankind to tell you that it’s time for those chains of sin and adversity to be broken!!!
In Romans 8:1 that great globetrotting Apostle Paul says that God has already set us free from SIN and DEATH!!!!
Brothers and sister while Paul himself could not beat the sin that chained him he rejoiced in the fact that God sent His beloved son to conquer SIN, SHAME, DEATH and the GRAVE!!!

So my challenge to my beautiful CP family is to get up and let the chains of your past sins and disappointments fall off, and rejoice in the fact that Christ has come that you might have life and life more abundantly!!!!
I look forward with splendid anticipatory excitement for what God is about to do with, for and through us The Central Pointe Family of God!!!!

One Love by His Grace!

Evangelist Matthew Myles Sr.
Senior Minister, Central Point COC