When the people of Israel grumbled against Moses, they were really grumbling against God. More than likely, none would admit to this. If asked, they would totally deny it, and so would we.  After all, Adam failed to take responsibility in the garden of Eden for his disobedience. When God asked Adam why he had disobeyed, Adam blamed the woman God had given him. The best thing you can do today—especially if God has caught you grumbling—is to take responsibility.

Many of our dads would tell us, “When I talk to you, stand up like a man.” That’s good advice for a generation that seems bent on creating excuses for their acts of violence and anger. Be willing to admit to God where you’ve taken a wrong turn. Then pray that He will guide you back to a safe place—a place where you can prosper and grow in every area of your life.

For years, the Israelites had complained about their Egyptian bondage. Finally, God began to move them and set them free. However, as soon as the waters of the Red Sea settled behind them, they began to grumble. First they needed water to drink. Later their issue was a desire for meat.  When they reached Marah, they found a pool of water, but it was bitter. They were so angry, they considered replacing Moses with a new leader. Isn’t it a little odd that they had already witnessed God’s mighty deliverance but then failed to believe He could provide for their every need? Instead of calling out to Him for help, they threatened Moses.

The next time life turns rough and seems ragged along the edges, refuse to become mad at your spouse, your children, or your supervisor at work. God holds your very life in His hands, and He knows your every need. Make your request known to Him, and He will provide sweet water—enough to refresh and renew you.

Be encouraged,

Larry E. Johnson