When God is ready to move you to the next spiritual level toward your destiny, things may get worse before they get better. You may not like that statement but that doesn’t make it any less true. Development is often a painful process of breaking us of our own ambitions and independence so that we can live a life of surrender and obedience before God. God creates tests, trials and challenges in our lives in order to perform some construction on the pathways of our journey. He has to chip away at the parts that don’t fit where He is taking us. He has to strengthen the things that aren’t ready for our destination just yet. And depending on how we respond to our difficulties, we may need to be road-blocked several times before we reach where we were supposed to go.Development is always part of the process of journeying. God wants to make sure you are ready for your destination before He brings you to it. There would be nothing worse than Him bringing you to your destiny and you messing it up because you aren’t able emotionally, spiritually or even physically to handle it correctly.

I know so many of us have dreams of shiny lives and magnificent futures – love like in the movies and careers that satisfy us while affording us our greatest desires. Yet God says, “I can’t put you where you need to be until I clean you up first.” He cannot give us completeness if we will not allow Him to shape our character, to deal with our sins, our flaws, our fears, doubt and immaturity. Until God is free to produce and promote righteousness within us, He is not free to move us to our intended destination. We have to take a detour first, and second, third and so on until we have been developed enough to handle what He has in store.

So few Christians understand that. If we could only grasp this truth and reality, it would make the way we view and go through trials entirely different. If we could see the purpose through the pain, we would bear up under it with a great deal more dignity and hope.


Be blessed.

Bro. J