Do you place limits on God’s love? When considering this question, do you think God limits His love?

Recently nine men were baptized at the prison that I minister to and I had comments made to me that were placing limits on God’s love. One question was, “Do you think it took?” Another one, was, “Do you think they are sincere?” Another one is, “Do any of them change?” Another question was, “Do you think they just got wet?”

Without thinking, those who asked such questions are limiting God’s love.

Jesus came into the world to save everyone (John 3:16; Luke 19:10). We can come to Him on His terms or we can reject Him (John 12:48). However, it is not up to you or I to decide if someone was sincere or not in coming to Christ?

Jesus’ disciples thought they could be put in places of position and our gracious Lord had to teach them that His kingdom was about service (Matthew 20: 20-28).

Many years ago I reported to our church family that Jeffery Dahmer had become a Christian. One of the sisters asked, “What do you mean?” Sad part of this story is that the preacher who baptized him into Christ (Galatians 2:27) was shunned by other preachers who claimed to represent the Savior.

So, let me ask another question.

Why do you place limits on God’s love?

 Keith Bellamy